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A taste of the county at Wander

Enjoy fresh, thoughtful, and delicious dishes that rotate based on seasonality, and feature ingredients from local County purveyors as well as our onsite garden. The Sandbar is open until September 11.

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Sandbar & Clubhouse

Private outdoor dining and living areas (including natural gas fireplaces)
Fresh, colourful mains. Delicious sides, from light salads to crispy fries.
  • ½ Dozen Oysters
  • County Catch Walleye Civeche
  • Smoked Trout Niçoise
  • Baby Gem Salad
  • Beef Tongue ‘Al Pastor’ Skewer with Pineapple and Radish Salad
  • Marinated Mushroom Skewer with Japenese Eggplant, Labneh, Onion and Za'atar
  • Wander Beef Burger with Caramelized Onions, Cheddar, and Truffle Mayo
  • Matane Shrimp Roll with Bibb Lettuce, Celery, Lemon, Mayo and Brioche Roll
  • Double Fried Fries with Sea Salt and Roasted Garlic Aioli
  • Roasted Cauliflower with Romesco, Bread Crumbs, Parsley and Olive Oil
  • Fire Roasted P.E.C Sweet Corn with Cotija Cheese and Lime

Homemade food that pairs with a creative and refreshing beverage list.

Simple done right.

Lounge lakeside and enjoy a delicious seasonal spread.


  • Wander x Keint-He Chardonnay (Unoaked, Citrus, Bone Dry)
  • Rosehall Pixie Sparkling Rose (Off Dry, Peach, Orange)
  • Lighthall Progression Sparkling (Fresh, Grapefruit, Exuberant)
  • Rosehall Sully's Red Blend (Bold, Berry, Floral)
  • Midtown Lemon Ale (Bright, Juicy, Clean)
  • Wander Lager by MATRON (Balanced, Refreshing)
  • Midtown Raspberry Sour (Mouthwatering, Tangy, Fresh)
  • Stock & Row Cold Tea Cider (Crisp, Clean, Refreshing)
  • Barbet 'Love Bite' (Grapefruit, Ginger, Juniper)
  • Barbet 'Wild Card' (Blood Orange, Calamansi, Jalapeño)
  • Two Bears Cold Brew (Black, Oat Latte, Chai Oat Latte, Hazelnut Black)
  • Kuiji Juicebox (Apple, Lemonade)
Private outdoor dining and living areas (including natural gas fireplaces)
Dry, crisp, full-bodied, or fruity. A drinks menu with something for everyone.


Private outdoor dining and living areas (including natural gas fireplaces)
  • Avocado on Toast (Avocado, Sourdough)
  • Wander Kids Burger (Comes with Ketchup, Cheese optional)
  • Shrimp Roll (Shrimp, Lemon Mayo)
  • Cheese Sandwich (Cheese, Mayo, Sourdough)
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Two women in front of a field of lavender.
Weddings and elopements — Tie the knot in a dreamy, intimate ceremony against the backdrop of the County.
A group of people gathered around a campfire on the beach with a beautiful sunset in the background.
Retreats Workshops and seminars are better by the beach and around the fire.
A very long table outdoors with centrepieces and place settings for dozens of people.
Media events Build connections and make lasting impressions with upscale launch parties.